Why an Independent Agent?

Purchasing insurance does not have to be difficult. Basically, there are three ways to purchase insurance. You can purchase from a captive agent, directly online and from an independent agency.

The captive agent can only offer you insurance from one company. If your situation changes (driving record – accidents or tickets, credit history or sr22), your eligibility could be affected and you may end up losing your insurance and your agent. If your premiums increase, a captive agent will not have other options to offer you.

Purchase directly from an insurance company online involves no agent – pick, click and pay. You have insurance and insurance is still a mystery. What is covered? Do you know what you just bought? Do you know how in the event of a claim, how you are covered?

Blue Sky insurance is a professional independent agency whose focus is building relationships and educating customers. What does this mean to you as a client? Working with an independent agent that is contracted with multiple carriers, allows you to receive competitive rates while meeting your insurance needs.

There are power in numbers!

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