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When is my payment due?
Generally, it is due on the day of the month that you make the policy effective. If you are still unsure and do not have access to your statement, please click on the Customer Service Page. You will find contact information for our insurers on this page.

How much is my payment this month?
If you are unsure of amount due and do not have access to your statement, please click on the: Customer Service Page. You will find contact information for our insurers on this page.

How can I make my payment?
You can pay online or over the phone using your debit, credit card or checking account. Find your insurance company listed on the Customer Service Page. You will find contact information for our insurers on this page.


What if I am purchasing a vehicle after hours and I need to immediately add it to my policy?
When you purchase a vehicle, it is automatically covered for the first 30 days on the policy you already own using the terms currently on this policy. If your policy is full coverage, the new vehicle will have full coverage. If your policy is liability, the new vehicle will only have liability coverage.

How do I add, remove or replace a vehicle to my current policy? You can call our office during office hours, email us or contact the insurer directly using the information provided on the Customer Service Page.

Information we need for the following changes:

Adding a Vehicle: Removing a Vehicle:
Name of Primary Driver Year, Make, Model
Year/make/model/VIN? Date needed to take it off the policy
Loan? (If so, name and address of lien holder?)
Full Coverage or Liability?
Effective date of coverages?

Should I carry full coverage or liability?

The first consideration is whether or not you have a loan on the vehicle. If you have a loan, the lienholder will make full coverage mandatory.

The second consideration is cost. Full coverage is generally more than liability.

The other consideration is understanding the value of the vehicle in its present state.

Let’s create a scenario. You are in a major accident and you were considered at-fault. Your vehicle is valued at $4,000. We know the average cost of damages in a major accident is $5,000. We will assume you carry full-coverage insurance. In this situation, the insurance would consider your vehicle totaled and you would be given the assessed value of the vehicle minus your deductible. You would have money towards the purchase of a new vehicle. If you are carrying liability only, you would be without a vehicle.

If you are still unsure which coverage to carry, contact Blue Sky during office hours at: 815-227-1717 Ext 0.

Teen Drivers:

When my child receives their driver’s permit, do they need to be immediately added to the policy?

No. They are covered until they actually receive their driver’s license. When they receive their driver’s license, they will need to be added to the policy.

What should I consider when purchasing a vehicle for my teen?

Young drivers are considered a higher risk by the insurance companies due to their inexperience. Statics have proved there is a higher rate of accidents during the first year or two of driving.

Because of this, the vehicle you choose can make a difference in the cost of insuring a teen driver. The vehicle will affect the cost.

There are a few things you should consider when purchasing a vehicle for your teen. It helps when the vehicle is not considered a sports car. It helps to buy a four-cylinder, four door vehicle with good safety features.

For further consultation, you can call our office at: 815-227-1717 Ext 0.

Are there other things that will help reduce the cost of insuring a teen driver?
Yes, if your student is considered an A or B student.

What if my child is going away to college does he or she still need to be on my policy?
Yes, they do. If they are more than 100 miles away, it is discounted.

If my child is going away to college and they are taking a vehicle with them, can they still be on the family policy?
Yes, but the vehicle will be rated based on the garaging zip code of where they are living.


What if I refinance my home and I need a mortgagee change?
Either you or your bank may submit your mortgagee change to us by emailing us at: blueskyinsagency@gmail.com, faxing it to us or by submitting the information to us on the Contact Us Page. Please include the name and address of new lienholder and the contact information for the new lienholder.

Information we need to update a mortgagee clause:

Home Mortgagee Clause:
Name and Address of New Lienholder
Contact information for the Lienholder