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Although we know you do not own a flying vehicle, you are jetting around from one location to another.

Adequate coverage is important. The difference for higher coverage versus state minimum limits is minimal in cost. Higher limits reduces your risk if you are at-fault for the accident of paying for bodily injury and property damage out of your pocket.

Another consideration, when it comes to your vehicle, is factory-stock cars versus vehicles that have been customized (ie. upgrade to stereos, dvd players, tires, rims, special paint, etc.). Your insurance company/agent needs to be notified of these additions and a value established for your vehicle to have adequate coverage. Otherwise, in the event of a loss, you could face your vehicle being repaired or valued based on the standard factory specifications, regardless of who is at-fault.

Whether your vehicle is a luxury vehicle or a mini-van, we will find a package to provide the protection you need.

While the website has been established for convenience and comfort of shopping, one of our insurance specialists will help you navigate through the process of choosing the coverage that is right for you!

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